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If you are searching for the right spices to add to your essay or story, welcome to our Blog! Here you will discover new flavors to experiment with and fresh ideas, waiting for you to bring them into being. Are you ready to boost your creativity and imagination?

That is what I was actually afraid to do every time I sat down to write my paper for another college class or an article for the online magazine I once worked for. Still, I managed to fight my fear of non-traditionalism in writing. And now, together with my creative team, I am going to tell you how I did it.

Are you one of those who want to express their creative selves and influence others? Cool! It is time to throw down a challenge to standards and stereotypes!

What You Will Learn with Ideas Generator Blog

We are going to share a lot of secrets of really effective, informative and influential writing. Check our updates to keep abreast of the original approaches to different types of texts, follow the world tendencies and tastes in the sphere of popular writing and upgrade your creativity!

·         Filling in the structure with unique content

Unless you are writing a diary, you are expected to make your essay, report, article, whatever, stick to certain requirements for structuring and formatting. It is another question why your college essay in World Literature should have exactly five paragraphs and not seven, or why you should cite the resources you use in this and not in that way.

Nevertheless, in most cases these requirements just make a frame in which you are free to paint a picture you want. This picture is your content. And in our blog you are going to find out how to make it perform the functions you put in it.

·         Mixing styles and genres of writing

Experimenting is one of the best ways to give life to something absolutely new. The most important thing about any experiment in writing, however, is just not to overdo it. So, we are going to check out the most viable combinations of common writing techniques and show you how they can work in different types of academic, creative and even business texts.

·         Understanding the preferences of your audience

However strong your striving to express yourself is, you should consider the fact that someone will once read what you are going to write and your success, no matter whether it is a grade or just fame, will depend on their opinion on your way of self-expression.

That is why we will pay particular attention to the issue of audience’s tastes and expectations, which a really good modern author should take into account, whether he or she likes it or not.

·         Using the right sources

The access to information has become incredibly easy, so it is not difficult for your nitpicky reader to check the numbers you base on or the opinions you quote in your thesis or article. That is why your task is to select and cite the sources which will convince your audience of the reliability of your message and idea.

In our blog you will find helpful recommendations for working with various types of sources. Follow our updates!

·         Promoting your creations

Are you a budding writer, dreaming about recognition and fame? There is no need to hide your ambitions in the dark drawer. Let the world know what you write for and about it!

Here we have stored a few pieces of advice for you. Find out more about the perks of self-publishing, blogging, ghost-writing, translation and many other compelling solutions to reveal your talents!

Who We Are and How We Generate Those Ideas

People’s Hands

It all started when a few of my college friends and I realized that we have too many really nice materials for essays, research papers, articles and the like. One of us came up with the idea of selling everything we have to undergraduates. Why not? However, we decided to choose a less avaricious and more popular way. We launched a blog.

Its early version was filled with our essays, actually. They were slightly redesigned and rewritten, but they appeared to be quite popular among our mates. So, we needed to update it with new attractive posts. This is how we launched this very Generator Blog project.

Having a great analyst and market manager among our team members, doing regular research into popular topics and searching for unique inquiries, we can successfully provide great ideas and tips for different writings.

Thank you for visiting Writing Ideas Generator Blog! Hope you will find creative solutions for your writing challenges and enjoy your time here!