Analyzing the Detective Novel: The Guarantee for A-Grades

Student Reading Detective

Without any exaggeration, the majority of young people are interested in reading different horror stories and detectives, which make them amazed, excited and terrified at the same time. Moreover, lots of characters, which have appeared in this genre are iconic nowadays. For example, everyone knows Sherlock Holmes and this personage is famous not only as a book hero but also as a protagonist in many movies and series. That is why detectives are extremely popular and people have been appreciating these novels for dozens of years. However, most of students feel confused when they get an assignment to complete an analysis of such a novel. Why does it happen? Sure, the main reason is that young people are afraid that they will not tackle specialties of a detective novel as it has some key differences from average fiction books. Therefore, we present the list of helpful tips and hints in this article for providing the successful and pleasant work for you.

“Who Has Done It” Question

Sure, this question is the major one in the whole novel. Everyone wants to understand who has committed the crime. However, this may be revealed only at the end of the story. Thus, it is a big mistake to start your essay with this information. Do not forget that you should mention some other significant points. Sometimes students concentrate only on the outcome of the story and its plot. They may even retell all events happening in the book, which takes a lot of pages and wastes your time. Nevertheless, none of the professors appreciates such approach to the creation of papers. The majority want you to answer the question directly or explain specialties of the novel and its importance for the literature field.

Brief Analysis of Characters

As a rule, there are several major characters in the detective story, which play an important role and should be analyzed. Without completing this part of work, you will not be able to make a conclusion and indicate, which specific features authors added to their books. Fortunately, the story usually involves only a few personages and you will have to create a brief characteristic for each of them. Pay a great attention to the protagonist. Sometimes he/she has a real prototype and you can indicate it thanks to works of critics and researchers of a certain writer. Remember that the main antagonist plays an influential role as well. You should understand that there are no univocal characters and each of them can have both positive and negative traits of temper. It means you should not make conclusions until you take all things into account.

Differences with Other Detectives

Good authors always follow rules of the genre but add their own specialties and style to writing at the same time. Do not forget that these differences with other detectives play a great role and you should definitely mention them in your analysis. Sometimes a writer brings something fresh and original to the genre and makes it broader and richer. It is necessary to determine these things and write them down. If it seems to be complicated for you, it is possible to read some papers related to researched authors and their works. You can present this information in a table, which lets you compare the traditional detective features and writer’s inventions.

Writing Techniques and Style

Author Presenting Book

Sure, you probably know that every author has the personal style and uses some original techniques in order to provide success of the novels. However, only a few of them have developed really unusual strategies, which amaze the audience. Your task is mentioning these things and put down citations, which prove your words. For example, if you think that author used to start the story from the middle, you can refer to the certain events in the novel. Or you can demonstrate some famous surveys of this writer’s books. Anyway, you should explain the reason, why this detective is significant for the literature and why you have chosen exactly this one. Some people think that novels of this genre are written according to an obvious scheme and no talent is needed for completing such papers. You should show that authors have their personal style and do not copy each other while working on new novels even if there are some common tendencies.

Influence of Other Authors and Novels

There are no doubts that some authors are inspired by others and take some of their features and inventions while creating their own masterpieces. It is essential to indicate this influence and explain, why the writer was under the impact of a certain book. Moreover, you can compare two detectives and indicate similarities and differences. You can also refer to some great articles, which explain where researched authors took their inspiration. Remember that it is possible to make ideas and concepts of the book clearer in such a way.

Summing up, several significant things should be mentioned in your essay on detective stories. Remember that using out tips and hints is the best way for writing such analysis. You will avoid tons of mistakes and failures in this way. Moreover, this assignment may be not simply useful for the development of your worldview and knowledge but also bring you a lot of satisfaction and fun. Detectives are books, which amaze people for ages and you should probably try this genre. It can become your favorite one. Sometimes students think that all events and plots are predictable and authors cannot create anything new and original. Nevertheless, this is a wrong opinion and you should comprehend that this genre is improving as well.