Great Methods for Analyzing Poetry: Be Successful at College

Book with Poems

There are no doubts that analyzing poetry is much more complicated than working on some prose novels, philological essays or even scientific papers. Anyway, young people encounter such assignments at college and this is the only way to get a positive grade. Students should study the heritage of lots of different authors, who created brilliant masterpieces. Sometimes, it is not enough to memorize a poem in order to get the teacher’s appreciation, it is much more important to be able to indicate its main specialties, ideas and so on. Unfortunately, the majority has poor skills and cannot deal with such kinds of assignments. Keep in mind that it is not the reason for being upset or disappointed. There are some effective tips and hints, which can greatly ease your task and bring you success. Therefore, there are several useful prompts below.

Indicate the Style of a Poem

First of all, your main task is indicating the style of the poem. It is a theoretical part of your work, but it matters a lot anyway. Hence, it is essential to read some textbooks beforehand in order to have a deep knowledge of literature studies. As soon as you understand the most significant features of a certain style or genre, you can start looking for them in the poem you research. Without any doubts, it may demand some good skills which young people may not have and it leads to failures and mistakes. It is a pity as the majority wants to cope with their task quickly and efficiently. Consequently, it is essential to ask your teacher for consultation. Or you can find some works made by critics on the Internet or in one of your textbooks.

Understand the Author’s Purpose

Poet Writing

It is true that the majority of young people do not pay attention to authors’ biography and their successfulness in the literary career. Do not forget that it greatly affects the poem you research and analyze. It is essential to understand the most important things, which happened in the poets’ life. Sometimes they inspire them for the creative work and that is why some of poems are tragic and dramatic, others are enjoyable and even fun. If authors had a sad period in life, there will be similar ideas and context in their writing. That is why you will never make a deep and clear analysis of a poem in the case you know nothing about the writer’s life story.

The Narrator in the Poem

There are some significant features in the poem, which should be written down in your analysis, and an extremely important point is narrators and their role in the storytelling. Therefore, your priority is indicating who speakers are. The next step is understanding if they tell things from the first person or if it is a voice which has no exact gender, name and so on. It is better to put this information down in the particular section of your paper. Remember that this point demands detailed analyzing and you should not ignore its significance even if things seem to be plain and clear. A shift of narrators should also be taken into account.

Cultural Details

Of course, the culture and traditions of the native authors’ land play a significant role in their creative work. They have a big influence on the plot and its details, which are presented in the poem. Thus, you should learn the cultural background of the analyzed masterpiece and take it into account while providing an analysis. You should also pay attention to the historical context of the poem, which may influence its style and language a lot. For example, if it was written during the war, there would be tragic mood and sad atmosphere. Very often talented authors illustrate their attitude to the contemporary events, which happen at their time via their poems. Sure, it may be just symbols and allusions, but they matter a lot if you try to complete a good essay.

Explain All Symbols

It is an important part of your work when you should explain all symbols and allusions in the researched poem. Without this, you will not be able to open up the major ideas and messages written by the author. As a rule, the main sense of the work is hidden and you cannot understand it after the first reading. Only when you complete all previous steps, which we described, you will comprehend concepts, which play a dominating role. Stay attentive and do not miss any details. Very often these ideas are explained in a metaphorical way. Consequently, you will have to comprehend these things and then, put down your personal understanding of the poem. It is a pretty good idea to add some citations, which prove your words. Remember that you can also mention your attitude and estimation of this masterpiece here.

Summing up, there are several significant things to keep in mind while analyzing the poem. Sure, this is a difficult task, which demands critical thinking and good creative skills. Thanks to our useful prompts, you will be able to cope with it easily and even get excellent grades for this type of work. It is true that there are many ways of providing an efficient analysis of a poem, but we compile only the most helpful and important things. You can be sure that they will help you and there will be no need to fix tons of mistakes and inaccuracies after your teacher checks the paper. The last thing to remember is the necessity of uniqueness of your work. It is the worst idea ever to rewrite one of the Internet essays. They may be poorly written and bring you bad grades. Or your supervisor will simply mark it as a plagiarized material. In the next article, we will present several good tips and hints on how to cope with essays where you have to analyze a literary character. It is a typical task, but many students are confused while getting it.