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How to Save up Morning Time?

In the previous article, we were talking about such problem as wasting time and the ways to avoid it. After learning to do this, let’s talk about another important issue. This time we will pay more attention to the question which is interesting for everyone: how to manage your morning time. Of course, morning routine

20 May 2018

How to Stop Wasting Time?

Last time we were talking about creating a perfect student planner to ease our time-managing routine and become even more productive. In this article, we will talk a lot about wasting time for nothing, and particularly about how to avoid those “time-killer” habits.   It is said that the most valuable gift we can give

01 May 2018

How to Create a Student Planner?

Last time we were talking about time-managing our lives and analyzed some ways how to become more organized and productive. Continuing our talk, let’s pay more attention to a very necessary thing, which you will need for your successful time management – your personal planner. Many students ask how to plan their days, why it

21 Apr 2018

How to Time-Manage a Student Life?

Each student strives to be the best version of themselves. However, time-managing this goal may be ridiculously boring and even not productive. Surrounded by chaos, a student is lost in time and assignments he or she needs to do in the near future. Disciplined studying, time control and organized schedule make the foundation of the

06 Apr 2018
Planting Vegetables

Being Vegetarian: Useful or Useless. Essay Sample

As humanity is facing many global problems nowadays, people are looking for the reasons and possible ways out of the situation. It is known that people see their own activity as the main threat and the main cause of those problems. That is why now we have a lot of different conceptions and ideologies of

26 Mar 2018
Holding Hands

Autobiographical Plot: How to Leave a History After Yourself?

Let your life be fruitful and generous for self-development ideas and making money opportunities. You are continuing to write your own story which can make far more significant impact on humankind than a regular school essay, so let it be one of a kind. The point is not in being extraordinary or super-talented, but in

16 Mar 2018
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Why Quit Smoking Immediately and How to Do It

It is an open secret that nearly 60% of the population is addicted to smoking. Sure, people are completely different, so that somebody can smoke 2 times a day or 5 times a week, what is not fatal but still harmful for health. At the same time, some of us are dangerously and seriously addicted

02 Mar 2018
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Big City Life: to Live or Not to Live

It is an open secret that big noisy cities attract people from towns and countries. More and more people move to live in a megapolis, leaving friends and parents behind. Every one of us can understand them as cities broaden our outlook and give chances to live in an apartment, have a car and a

22 Feb 2018
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Analytical Essay Writing: Correct and Easy

An analytical paper to inspire one think about a subject, unlike a regular school essay, has an objective to persuade the reader regarding something, change or secure a sentiment on certain question. That is the reason the principal thing in such an essay is one correct, justifiable and contemplated fundamental thought, shown from a few

10 Feb 2018

Secrets of Martin Eden: The Example of Analysis

Probably everyone reads this outstanding novel at school or college and has to deal with dozens of assignments related to it. Nevertheless, this is not a kind of boring or useless book. Students are always glad to work on this story and find that it is not only educative but also very amusing. Hence, the

15 Jun 2017