Autobiographical Plot: How to Leave a History After Yourself?

Holding Hands

Let your life be fruitful and generous for self-development ideas and making money opportunities. You are continuing to write your own story which can make far more significant impact on humankind than a regular school essay, so let it be one of a kind. The point is not in being extraordinary or super-talented, but in leading a benevolent and open-minded way of life which can be beneficial not only to you but also to others.

Create a Diary

Writing a diary not only helps you to organize your thoughts, but also serves as a solid base for writing an autobiography. With the passage of time, life events, even the most important ones, become more and more obscure, and your diary can be the most effective tool in helping you to keep the track of the most distinct events that were milestones for your further development.

Make Predictions

Your predictions towards certain events should be another compound of your diary.  So, try to cultivate the inner habit to predict and compare your expectations and what things actually take place in your life. It will prevent you from building sand castles and indulging yourself in false impressions of the reality.

Plan Your Life

Manage your time with the help of a list of simple tasks in your diary, pay heed even to the tiniest assignments. Try to write down everything, set small deadlines for yourself. Once your thoughts and plans are written and are not simply swirling around in your head, they will increase your motivation and will help you to accomplish things in a shorter period of time. Just give it a try and feel the freedom after crossing a task out of your to-do list.

Defeat a Procrastination Enemy

Try to fight with procrastination, because it is one of those obnoxious things that will be always pulling you down. Do not look for superficial excuses, try to find substantial values which will push you forward to achieving your objectives. Otherwise, what achievements are you supposed to write about while sitting on the terrace and watching your grandchildren playing in the garden?

Achievements Differ

It does not matter whether your achievements involve winning speeches in front of a great audience or words of sympathy said to the closest people who have been feeling inconsolable grief and sorrow. Achievements are not measured with money you managed to have earned throughout your life or being among the best and brightest in our outwardly oriented society.

Golden Medal

Set your own personal preferences about all aspects of your life. You should feel content and, in most of the cases, the concept of ‘being content’ will not coincide with another concept of ‘pleasing the people around you’.

Mind Your Own Business

Do not be afraid of your ambitions being discussed by others. You know the sense, seek for something deeper and more substantial. Probably, in your most innate dreams you have been watching yourself becoming a space ranger and protecting our galaxy from the threat of invasion. Sure, an extraordinary dream of Buzz from ‘Toy Story’ cartoon is going to be only an extraordinary dream but what he did realize in the end is that he has to figure out his own meaning and purpose of being here on this planet.

When Negative Questioning Is Actually Beneficial

Does it bother you if somebody is trying to stick their noses into your private affairs? Do you always think of a best possible answer to them? Do you feel superior or inferior to them when they are trying to estimate your life endeavors? Are you trying to defend your achievements in career and personal life, otherwise you will feel insulted?

Lower Your Expectations Towards Others

There is no way you can expect somebody except you to give the same meaning as you are implying to all events happening in your life. Do not expect this miracle to happen. People around you sometimes fail, your close friends sometimes fail, and even all those dignified gurus who are giving their magnificent speeches about ‘How to never fail in life’ fail even more often than normal people. In a nutshell, everybody risks failing every now and then. So, let us fail and imbibe the experience.

Fight the Feeling of Being Used

We are all walking on different paths, sometimes people just act like pedestrians on the road and somehow our paths seem to be the most appropriate places for crossing the road in order to reach another place. Sometimes you might feel as if you were used by others, do not expect everyone to treat you like a princess or like a king (P.S. check the upper paragraph). As well, you better remember that not all the paths are smooth and without mud.

Inner Light

Do not stick to the ideas or projects that have sunk somewhere between benevolent and evil stones of life. Sedentary life is most probably not for the person you are, so do not be afraid to stand up for yourself. On the other hand, remember that our life is not just about standing up. Sometimes you have to fall down and some scars or even greater injuries might be imminent. The point is not to mull over why it happened like this, cause most probably in the future those scars would be the signs identifying your life pattern and igniting the lights inside of you.

Person with Wings

Grey Substance Is not for You

Random people in the bank line will be trying to offend you, sellers in the market will be trying to deceive you, even your friends sometimes will be pulling you down. Most probably they will do their best to turn you to their way of thinking or style of life so that you could be mixed up with a grey substance of this world and they would stop feeling inferior to you.

Chose Where to Go Henceforward

If you do things right and do not follow the Chinese principle of ’try to be humble albeit artificial’, then you have great chances of being extraordinary (in the best sense of this word). You cannot change the fact of where you come from. However, you have got the valuable chance to decide where to go henceforward. Even the dot-on-the-map town can be a source of inspiration for writing an intriguing, exquisite autobiography where will be no place for artificially created details because every word of it will be filled with love and genuineness.