Big City Life: to Live or Not to Live

It is an open secret that big noisy cities attract people from towns and countries. More and more people move to live in a megapolis, leaving friends and parents behind. Every one of us can understand them as cities broaden our outlook and give chances to live in an apartment, have a car and a well-paid job. Briefly, cities can give us everything we have dreamt about when being still children.

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On the contrary, people living in cities have more risks to stay without a roof above head and a penny in a pocket. Moreover, living in cities is often dangerous from the personal safety point of view. So, what should people do? Live or not to live in a big city? In this article, you will read about some reasons why cities are places worth living and why it is better to stay in a small town.

Job Possibilities

One of the reasons of moving can be a search of a good job with high salary. It is obvious that people are eager to earn a lot of money and live in the way they want. In a town, there is no possibility to get high salary. As for business in a small town, local people often do not appreciate the work of businessmen and do not want to pay a big amount of money for their service.

Therefore, there is only one decision: to move into a mega polis. It is known that the quality of life in a city is better than in town, that is why a salary is much higher there. Moreover, local employers are more likely to hire a person from a small town as they do not require such big salary as local people. So, if you are looking for a possibility to earn money, city welcomes you.


Studying in a small town will not open you doors into an interesting life. As a rule, employers have no desire to hire a person without a good and qualitative education, because education given at such higher establishments is of a lower quality than required by the employers.  Professors are less likely to work as specialists.

In a city, the situation is quite different. A university guarantees that you will have all necessary skills and knowledge. Universities in a mega polis discover one’s talents and help to apply them to real-life situations. That way, it will be easier for you to live in this crazy world.


Specifically, this point can be vital in a decision of a young person. The matter is that in a city you can find a lot of entertaining centers, where you can definitely do what you want and can allow yourself to do. There one can attend various concerts of local and world-famous celebrities, visit a theatre for novices and professionals, find the most popular DJs in the most prestigious night clubs and the cheaper ones. You cannot deny that people from small towns can only dream about all these possibilities while for city dwellers they are easy to visit.

Perspectives of a Career Progression

Thousands of people from provinces leave their homes in order to conquer the city. They hope to get a well-paid and interesting job and gain some status and reputation in the society. Chances of a career progression are much higher than in small towns. Yes, it is not an easy task to find this kind of job, but an enormous part of politicians and super-stars were born in a town. Be sure, if you have a strong desire to be successful and see clearly your dream, city will give you the opportunity.


If you are a person with creative thinking or like something extraordinary, you can easily find yourself in a city. You see, in case you like to sing, you will not build a successful career in a province. If you live in a city, you are more likely to be recognized by a famous music-producer. The same goes with every art career. There are different organizations for artists, novice actors, dancers, model agencies, copy-write firms and what not. If you do not know who you want to be, move to the city and it will show you its power and help you find your place in life.


When you live in a province, you know mostly every person in this town. Furthermore, they know everything about your life, sometimes even facts you yourself were not aware of. There are your relatives who are watching and controlling your actions and every step. That way, you cannot live a normal life because you are not allowed to vary from a grey mass of people.

In a big city, the situation is quite different. You are just a little drop in this enormous ocean of people. There you can do anything you want and nobody will notice you and speak behind your back. Remember, that nobody has canceled humanity and moral rules. If you can do everything, you do not have to step as far as not following country laws.

Technical Possibilities

It is an ordinary thing that there are valid problems with electricity, mobile connection and water supply in a town. These problems can be unsolved during a long period of time, while city dwellers take measures immediately. There is a wide connection to the Internet, no matter if you are walking or sitting in a café. There is no need to climb a hill in order to call, you can even communicate using mobile phone in a basement.

Product Variety

Is it familiar for you when you want to eat a pineapple in winter or mango in spring? You have no possibility to buy these products in a small-town market. Living in a city, you can find everything you want at the supermarket. Every seasonal product can be found there. However, you have to be careful. Nobody knows what caused this fast growing or what helps fruit and vegetables to be in an excellent condition. Namely, all these products can be full of nitrates and dangerous elements. That is why it is better to eat watermelons in August and nectarines in July. Do not take risks as it is your health.


It is known that it is much easier to buy a car living in a big city. There is also a big amount of public transport such as buses, trolleybuses, subway and so on. So that, there is no problem to get from one end of the city to another. On the contrary, you can get stuck in a traffic jam, so have an alternative way of moving from house to the job. Use bicycle, for example.


Now, when you know all these facts, it is much easier what to choose: active big city life or calm life in a province town.