Essay tips

If you belong to the category of students who have difficulties with academic writing, you should not despair. If only you are willing to invest a lot of effort in order to write the best essays, the great results will be on their way.

The following steps are a simple guide through the process of writing essays. Remember: everything depends on your determination to give your best and stay focused throughout the entire progress of your paper.

1. Understand the topic and think about it!

Before you can write the best essay, you need to think about its topic and understand what your professor expects you to deliver. The most effective way to produce captivating content is to find out what interests you about the given topic and get your own ideas of presenting it. If you have the freedom of choosing your own topic, make sure to write about something you are passionate about.

Some brainstorming will be of great use at this stage of the process.

2. Create the outline

Most students just love skipping this step and going directly to the writing process, so they end up with unfocused content that confuses the reader. The outline will map out your thinking patterns and keep you within a directed framework.

3. Develop the thesis statement

The thesis statement is the essence of your paper. It should clearly present your main argument and provide the guiding point of your essay. Think of the thesis statement as the guiding point towards the conclusion of your paper.

You should take a stand with your thesis and make sure to convince your professor that you know what you’re talking about.

4. Finally; start writing that paper!

Now that all preparations for your top essay are done, you can feel confident enough to start with the writing process. Some guides will advise you to leave the introductory paragraph for the end, but there is a rule that says “it’s always to start from the beginning”.

Start with the introduction, since that will provide you with a focus, set the tone of your paper and effortlessly guide the reader towards the conclusion.

5. Develop the discussion in the essay’s body

The body of an essay is where you present all your arguments and prove the viability of your thesis statement. Take each individual point you presented in the introduction and elaborate it further. Make sure that each paragraph is associated to the main thesis and the logical flow remains stable throughout the content.

6. Wrap up with a convincing conclusion

At this point, you should be happy because you almost reached the end of the writing process. The conclusion should summarize all points you’ve made in four or five sentences and clearly uphold the thesis statement.

Don’t forget to read the paper few times after you’re done with it, because even the best writers make mistakes and need to proofread and edit their work before presenting it to the world.

You cannot write an essay? There is always a solution!

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