Become a Machine of Generating Ideas: Tips and Tricks

How many people have a chance to offer at least one new idea for all their life? How many people can invent the wheel, if it has not been invented yet?

Most people are convinced that new ideas always fall into the fate of others. For some reason, it is believed that others are better prepared for this and, moreover, have more auspicious opportunities. All of us think that such people produce new ideas like a machine, without any problems.

Of course, it would be awesome, if the new ideas were just the awards for an assiduous work or an enthusiasm. So, a good few of people are really working diligently to earn as a reward a new and fresh idea. Is it not fair if their goodwill and sacrifice ended with the birth of the unique idea? As the result of such conditions, the society itself would be interested in encouraging, organizing and evaluating the significant efforts that lead to the birth of new ideas if this could be obtained in such a way.

Hard-Working Man

Unfortunately, the brand-new ideas are not just the prerogative of those who have long been busy with their search and development. Charles Darwin spent more than twenty years developing his theory of evolution until he was once asked to read an article by some young biologist Alfred Russell Wallace. The article contained (such an irony of fate) a clear statement of the basic idea of the theory of evolution. Moreover, it turns out that Wallace developed this theory at a time when Darwin was in a state of severe mental disorder.

A Spark of Idea

A full and thorough elaboration may require years of a hard work, but the very idea may arise instantly as a result of the enlightenment. In fact, when the idea involves a whole new look at things, it is difficult to understand how it might come differently.

The emergence of a brand-new idea does not necessarily have to forego years of work in the relevant industry, the idea may occur in one flesh of right thought or inspiration. Indeed, the years of such work may even complicate the emergence of a new idea. Because with the every coming year the necessity of creating something different appears, but the ideas and thoughts are fastened to the well-known subjects and it seems that there is nothing better than what already exists. It is easier to work habitually than to create something new.

Nevertheless, there are such people that have to work up modern ideas every day. This is their job, they have to do this. Journalists, writers, entrepreneurs, artists, designers, directors… Those whose earnings and career tomorrow depend on what comes to their minds today have the biggest fear of what is called “the crisis of ideas”. So, creative “stagnation” is not a rarity, but it can be delayed. Here are the next tips to do something.

Out of Ideas


This tip is addressed to the searchers of inspiration who have already worked in their sphere for a long time and have lost the passion. All of us think that a number of new ideas and the newness of others depend on experience and the depth of our knowledge. But such people often suffer from the illness, called “quest for inspiration”. Of course, such people have already tried everything to get inspired by searching new ideas in the depth of their consciousness, but they have already exhausted all their resources.

So, now try to find something in minds of other people. They always are full of new ideas and even do not understand that they are fed up with them. You can expand your knowledge with the ordinary questions to other people. For instance, instead of the daily phrases “How are you?” and “What’s up?” take a keen interest in what interesting today enters their heads, or what extraordinary thing that person would like to have at this moment. Who knows, maybe, somebody’s senseless, at first glance, answer will trigger the birth of a crazy idea?

Leave the Comfort Zone

The most powerful thing that can blow your brain up with some different ideas is travelling. New places, extraordinary acquaintances, original knowledge, and new uncommon skills – all these diversify the lives of “ordinary” people, and when it comes to creative individuals, such “trivia” brings inspiration and fresh thoughts. So, try to change your common life for some time. Leave your home immediately and discover something new.

Map of the World

You can find the inspiration in another country by discovering unknown places or by talking with new people. However, if you have no time and possibility to make such a big step, you can just change your common life with the help of tiny steps. For example, alter your commonly visited places. Go to the theatre instead of cinema. Visit another café instead of the one you are used to running in. And once you are there, try something new: instead of habitual coffee take an unusual cup of tea. Who knows, maybe, the taste of the transformation can cause the burst of ideas.

Sink into the Whirl of Information

Agree, sometimes silence is useful in the creative process, but sometimes the great amount of news, conversations and points of view can also “stir” our brains and “adjust” them to the wave of ideas generating. In order to “catch the wave,” you do not need to do a lot. Just turn on the radio, read some new abnormal books for you, watch another type of movies, read newspapers or blogs, etc.

Do not Wait. Do Something

Not always, but sometimes all of us (unfortunately, in the most inappropriate moment) notice that our head is empty. Not a single idea. No reasonable thoughts. Remember how you are freezing at a sight of the blank sheet on the screen and cannot write any word of your essay because your thoughts are flying somewhere else. But when you are busy and do not even think about your problem, ideas arise themselves.

Not surprising. Do you remember how Agatha Christie carried out new stories while washing up the dishes? Ideas are something like relationships: they appear when you do not even expect them. So, do not wait, do something. Who knows, perhaps, a bright idea will come to you in the most sudden moment of your life.

Train Your Muscles

Have you heard about “the muscle of generating ideas”? An interesting term, is it not? This term was produced by James Altasher (James Altucher) (blogger, programmer). James compares this

brain to the physical muscles and advises to train it at all times. To do this you need to record a number of interesting plans every day.

Training brains

These are some of the tips that will help you fight creative crises. Develop! Improve! Get interested! Train and catch the next “wave”! Good luck!


All of us expect a marvel as a reward for a new idea. But the reward may be either very significant or very insignificant. This plays a huge role, but keep in mind that the only award in which you cannot doubt is the joy of victory. It is fundamentally different from the joy that a person feels from all his other achievements because they feel emotional experiences of a much higher order.