Essay About a Literary Character: Cope with the Analysis Effectively

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Sure, it is impossible to understand a novel or poem correctly and get its main ideas without providing an effective analysis of characters. However, there may be some difficulties and challenges to cope with while performing such a task. Some of the young people claim that they will never create a good essay about a character in the literary novel even if it is truly interesting and exciting. It seems to be a small topic, which is truly hard to develop and make a detailed paper on it. Nevertheless, things are completely different for real. It is even possible to write the whole dissertation while researching only one personage. The most famous of the literary characters are objects for hundreds of papers and articles. Sometimes even movies are created about them. Hence, you can be sure that there is enough information to put down. The next question is how to do it correctly. Luckily, we have already prepared several good tips and hints, which will let you complete everything quickly and with the best quality. Just learn some points presented below.

Pick Right Characters

Sure, we cannot divide all personages of a novel to important and useless ones, but you should not pick the first one without a deep review. Keep in mind that you will have to write several pages of text in order to follow instructions related to the length of your paper. Therefore, a character you choose should be dynamic and play a great role in the plot. In the other case, you will simply have nothing to write. That is why it is better to prefer major personages, which take part in the central line of the story. Sure, it may be both negative and positive heroes. However, it is essential to make sure that author tells a lot of information about the selected character. You definitely need some materials to use while completing your analysis.

Highlight Citations While Reading

Do not forget that every analysis of literary characters demands some citations, which can prove your arguments. You cannot simply put down your opinion and make it unarguable. It is essential to target on the novel and the material presented by the author. However, it means you will have to spend hours in order to find the necessary information. That is why you should highlight the most important citations in the text while reading. Then, it will be possible to use them and prove your arguments in the quickest and easiest way. In this case, you should not be afraid of making your pages overload with citations. However, you should shorten them before writing your essay and not make them take most of the space. Try to find some clear and plain phrases, which are the great basis for your words.

Pay Attention to Their Speech

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Do not forget that the tone and language, which characters use, play a great role in their general comprehension. We can understand a social class, which these people are related to, their manners, temper and many other things. Consequently, you should be very attentive while reading dialogs, where the researched personage takes part. For example, if he or she speaks calmly and adds some sophisticated phrases in the average talk, they are probably members of an aristocratic and intelligent family. You can discover this even if these things have not been mentioned directly. Here, you can also use citations in order to show which phrases your opinion is based on.

Relationships with Others

One of the most efficient ways of analyzing characters in the novel is similar to real life methods. You can do it via their relationships with other people. It is the best strategy to reveal some negative qualities, which these personages may try to hide. It is possible to divide this section into several parts. Each of them can be dedicated to the relationships between these heroes and their families, friends, soul mates and so on. In this way, you will show them from different sides.

Describe the Development of the Character

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It is also very important to describe the way characters develop themselves or how all the challenges help them grow and become better. It is a pretty good idea to compare certain hero at the beginning of the novel and in its end. You will clearly see all changes and conclude if they are positive or this personage has become worse. You can even dedicate the section of your paper to this comparing. Sometimes authors change their heroes a lot and it is impossible to recognize their temper, which has been described earlier. As a rule, the one, who has seemed to be bad, becomes a much more pleasant and kind person.

Do Not Concentrate on Too General Things

Without any doubts, it is important to tell some general things about your character in the analysis. However, you should not focus on them. It is not the right place for the description of the plot or author’s biography. Sometimes young people start retelling the whole story when they want to illustrate some traits of hero’s temper. Even if the background is important, you should not make it distractive and several pages long. You should pay attention only to the points related to the subject of your essay. Remember that your teacher will probably take into account only those points, which have a direct relation to the subject of writing, so there is no necessity to waste your time writing some unimportant things about the plot, the writer’s personality and so on if they play no role in analyzing this exact personage.

All in all, there are several necessary things to describe while analyzing the character of the novel. Remember that it cannot be based only on your personal attitude. All arguments should be proved with author’s words or citations from the book. There is a particular section for your opinion. You can write anything you want there and take only your thought into account. Do not forget that there may be some more significant requirements, which are written in your instruction and you should be attentive in such a case as we only marked those points, which play the most important role. In the next article, we are going to explain some ways of coping with papers, where you have to analyze a detective novel.