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General Info
This is an essay writing service that likes to think it can handle any challenge, which is fair enough since they will usually take a shot at it. They are not particularly a bad essay writing service, especially when you consider their competition as a whole, but the service is not perfect. For example, if they do not have a writer that is suitable for your job then they will advertise it on a freelance site and hire a writer from there. They do not know whom they are getting and ergo neither do you. Still, do not let this put you off as in most cases you are going to get one of their top quality writers and come away with a very good essay.

List of Services

They are an essay writing service and they have a large staff of writers, so there are very few writing services they cannot help with. They do things such as: admission services, book report/review, cover letter, programming, multiple choice questions, article, custom essay, lab report, CV writing, methodology, results, admission essay, term paper, article critique, editing, case studies, presentations, proofreading, formatting, editing services, assignments, thesis proposal, thesis, reaction paper, resume writing, introduction chapter, and any discussion work you may have.

Click on the prices link, it is on the left, and you get to see the various prices you can pay for an essay from Master Papers. Toggle the tool at the very bottom of the page to see your potential essay prices. It shows you price quotes as per the level of the work and the deadline. For a regular essay it will cost you around $11.30 for a 20 day deadline and $34.95 for a 3 hour deadline at high school level.

Discounts and Free features

Get 20% off your first order, which is not bad. It is not the best, but for a first time buyer it is good enough. Do not click on the discount page because that stupid popup will ping so loud it will reverberate around the building. You get a 5% discount for buying between 30 and 59 pages, a 10% discount for buying between 50 and 119 pages and a 15% discount for buying over 120 pages. This encourages people to bump up their orders a little more.

Customer Support

Their customer support would get top marks if it were not for the stupid pop-up chat function. Not only does it pop up, but it pings in a very loud and annoying manner. Don’t they realize that students are looking at their website in the early hours or in the dead of night? The last thing they want is a ping and other associated noises blaring out when they are worried about a deadline. Otherwise, the toll free numbers are fine, and you can access somebody on the chat function if they happen to be there when you are online.