How to Save up Morning Time?

Brushing Teeth

In the previous article, we were talking about such problem as wasting time and the ways to avoid it. After learning to do this, let’s talk about another important issue. This time we will pay more attention to the question which is interesting for everyone: how to manage your morning time.

Of course, morning routine may become such a stressful experience for a student if one does not organize time the way it should be organized. However, the ability to find balance from the start may become your successful habit and set up good mood for the day. For some of us, planning the morning seems so senseless. However, if you learn to do that, you will ease your life and feel more ready for work and study.

So here you may find some key approaches to organizing your plans, which can save precious morning minutes. Read the tips below and know how not to be in a constant hurry in the morning! For extra information and more details click here.

Step 1: Be Already Prepared

Usually, after doing hard university assignments, a student has no strengths even to take a shower. Mental and physical exhaustion gives the negative result, making you sleepy and tired. Nevertheless, we advise you to prepare yourself for the next day in advance.

For example, limit the time for the study and work till 10 p.m. Afterwards, do the routine that will help you in the morning. Take a shower, wash your hair, put the necessary books and papers in your bag, prepare the clothes for the following day. Take up a habit to look for the weather broadcast. Of course, it is not always true. However, it may help you choose what to wear in the morning.

Also, iron the clothes in advance and make sure it has a tidy look. Prepare as many things as you can in advance. Make a list of everything you usually do hurriedly in the morning, and stick to the time frames until you will learn to deal with your morning schedule.

Step 2: Getting Ready for Lectures

Very often, we are too tired of all tasks and papers, so we decide to leave it for the morning. However, waking up with the amazing alarm clock may not be so energetic as you think it should be. Of course, getting up in the morning to revise some info may be useful. Your brain has had some rest and is ready to check what you completed at night. Nevertheless, learning new things can stress you out, leaving no time for breakfast and dressing. Also, this factor depends on how long you sleep and whether you have regular morning classes to attend. Even scientists do not have only one approach to success, so you should decide whether studying in the morning is really better for you. If this method suits you somehow, then schedule your time so that it is easy for you to concentrate on a morning routine too.

Step 3: Get Enough Rest

Get enough hours to sleep. If you cannot sleep well, it does not matter what time you get up. You will still feel tired and totally exhausted. Healthy and restful sleep is the foundation of your cheerful day. To set a sleep mode, you need to adhere to it at least 21 days, then you will have it as a habit, so it will be much easier. The hardest thing is to start, especially the first 2-3 days. You may suffer because you are used, but then everything will become more normal and you will want to get to sleep right after the “lights go down”, and you will be almost able to wake up in the morning by yourself with the help of your inner alarm clock. So, the problem of late mornings, because of oversleeping, will be fixed.

Step 4: Be Active

Sleeping Person

We assure you: morning is not that lazy part of the day, when you are preparing yourself for the day. Morning is still a bunch of time for different activities, which sometimes do not attract our attention in the evening. Try to exercise in the morning – it can help you be more energetic, clean your mind, and feel healthier. You can meditate in the morning: it helps organize thoughts and study with greater enthusiasm and mental strength. To lift the spirits in the morning you can dance or sing, while getting yourself ready. Do not forget: not only serious tasks and appointments should be presented in your schedule, but also silly little things that make you happy.

Step 5: Quick Tips

The Clock

There is also a list of tricks that may help you adopt to the new schedule. So, when you are going to be late, they will save your morning! However crazy it may sound, you may try to brush your teeth while taking the shower. If you didn’t have shower the previous evening, this approach might save you some important minutes. Also, you might have a packet of cereals to eat with milk so as not to spend a lot of time on cooking the meal.

Moreover, turn on all the lights in the room. At first, your eyes may hurt a little bit, but then you will get used to it, wake up and start doing your morning activities. Once you are awakened, it would be nice to drink a glass of water too. Water helps your inner system to wake up, and brings all harmful substances that have accumulated inside you at night out of your body.

Proper planning will make your job better and more efficient, leaving time for creativity and spontaneity!