Why Quit Smoking Immediately and How to Do It

It is an open secret that nearly 60% of the population is addicted to smoking. Sure, people are completely different, so that somebody can smoke 2 times a day or 5 times a week, what is not fatal but still harmful for health. At the same time, some of us are dangerously and seriously addicted to smoking. Namely, they can smoke a pack of cigarettes a day or even more! It is a real disaster for their body and wellbeing.

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Moreover, people usually smoke outside and in public places, where there are a lot of healthy people, pregnant women and little children. They breathe in the smoke unwillingly, what is more harmful than smoking as their body is not prepared for nicotine. In case you understand the problems you can have as a result of smoking but still cannot stop smoking, this article is for you. In this article, you will also read some reasons why one should stop smoking and some pieces of advice on how to do it.


How it was said before, cigarettes are harmful for the health of a smoker. Firstly, when people begin to smoke, they feel good and do not understand why non-smoking people are against cigarettes. Yes, if you are young, you do not feel bad, that is why you become more and more addicted with every day. Remind your first smoking. You had a cough, right?

Did you think why do you have it? That was a negative reaction of your organism to the nicotine. Your body tried to stop you, to convince that it is not a good thing. The second and the third cigarettes were different, there was no clear reaction of the organism. After a pack, your body got used to smoking, but the harm was done just like the first time. So, do not think that if there is no reaction, there is no damage.

What Kind of Harm

It is time to look more attentively on the harm cigarettes bring.

Carbon monoxide

When people smoke, they get a dose of carbon monoxide into their organism. It is calculated that a pack of cigarettes has nearly 400 milliliters of this harmful gas. In fact, carbon dioxide can be the reason of headache, low productivity on the work, nausea and so on. It also increases chances of cancer and, in most serious cases, may lead to fatal outcomes. Carbon dioxide does not allow oxygen to be supplied into necessary organs, what causes harm to your wellbeing and sleepy mood.

Brain Activity

This harmful habit and brain work are tightly connected. If you begin your day with a cigarette, your brain activity is high. Moreover, you are a productive person with great ideas. You are concentrated on your job, what is great. But after an hour of work you feel a headache and want to go home and sleep. You have a bad mood. What does one do in this case? Yes, they smoke. Nicotine increases your brain’s productivity, but its influence is a fast-paced phenomenon. If you do not smoke once more, you will become nervous, irritable and restless.

Looking Tired

Respiratory Organs

Tobacco smoke affects the work of mucous membrane of the mouth, trachea, pharynx and, of course, lungs. Exactly these organs are the first affected ones. That is why every smoking person suffers from bronchial asthma and chronic cough.


It is widely known that smokers have more chances to be affected by this terrible disease, which is not easy in treatment. Among smokers, the most common are cancer of lips, tongue, trachea, larynx and lungs.

Overall Well-Being

Because of smoking, one’s sight gets worse. It is also known that every smoker has problems with teeth that turn yellow and begin to fall out at the age of 45. Diction is not clear, what scares off people. That interferes new acquaintances to happen, as well as you can fail a job interview. Your fingers have a smell of tobacco and not a natural color.

Why Will This Habit Not Let You Go

Many former smokers say that the decision to stop smoking was the most difficult decision in their lives. Do you consider yourself tied to nicotine? Are you addicted to smoking cigarettes? Do you feel this addiction? Most likely, the answer is “Yes”. All tobacco products contain nicotine. This, basically, drug makes you feel calm and happy. At the same time, it helps you to concentrate.

That is why the more you smoke, the more you need nicotine in order to feel well and refreshed. Soon you will not feel “normal” without a usual dose of nicotine. So that, even if you are sure that your life is being ruined on a psychological level, it will take a long period of time to get rid of the addiction on the chemical and biological level. It is normal that you might need more than one attempt to quit smoking once and forever. You only must have a strong desire. Where there is a desire, there is a possibility. So, try and do not give it up!

Steps in Giving Up Smoking

It is known that people combine smoking with other activities and actions. Maybe, you smoke when you have a certain mood to do something. For example:

  • When you drink alcohol or any energetic drink. It can be coffee, wine, beer or some other favorite drink.
  • When you talk on the phone. If you like smoking while communicating with somebody, you can try to draw something on a sheet of paper or have a walk around the place you live.
  • When you watch TV. There is a good advice given by former smokers who managed to leave cigarettes behind. Instead of smoking, you can drink water. A lot of cold water with ice.
  • When you are in a company with other smokers. It is obvious that breathing in tobacco smoke is the same as smoking. Try to avoid such companies or tell them that you are giving up on this habit. If they respect you, they will not smoke in your presence.

You may even feel embarrassed when you do not smoke at a certain time and in a certain place, where you used to smoke. These are associated with the desire to get a cigarette and breathe the poison in. So, try to avoid these places. While passing them, repeat in your head that you are more powerful that your desire to smoke and remind the reason why you want to stop smoking.


Now, when you know all these facts, it is logical for you what to choose: live a normal life or be addicted and waste time, health and money. Quitting smoking is a challenging task. Just reading this guide is not enough. Believe in yourself, keep a healthy diet and you will be amazed with what you can do!