How to Stop Wasting Time?


Last time we were talking about creating a perfect student planner to ease our time-managing routine and become even more productive. In this article, we will talk a lot about wasting time for nothing, and particularly about how to avoid those “time-killer” habits.


It is said that the most valuable gift we can give to another person is our time. We do not think about it much, especially while we are young, and sometimes kill time aimlessly, hanging out at the apartment, chatting in social networks, etc. Many of us lose their activeness and enthusiasm due to the lack of time.


However, we are surprised with it, as some of our friends may successfully do all work, but still be in time everywhere. After all, how do they do that? They avoid things that literally “eat” time. Here you will learn how to deal with it more wisely and how to minimize the number of things which distract you. Learn the secrets of how to concentrate on the most vital assignments you have to finish, and find an appropriate method to succeed in this challenge. For extra information and more details – click here.

Step 1: Stop Staying Online

Of course, we cannot afford to ban all social networks once and for all. Like it or not, in our age, they are an important way of communication and the important circle of information cycling. Nevertheless, what you can do is to limit your time there.

As a student, you can sometimes hang out there for too long, just texting to friends or watching new films’ reviews. Take up a habit: do not check your phone every 5 minutes, same with email and other social networks. Unless you are expecting an important message, every day you may plan 3 checks of your email and other web accounts: for example, the mid-morning, the time after lunch, and the mid-evening.

Also, stop staying online till the late night. It will make you lazy and tired in the morning, so you will not be able to work and study properly. Moreover, stop posting everything online. Taking pictures is a nice hobby, however, it becomes a disaster when you get to think that you should capture every single bite of your hamburger or the drink you bought at the university cafe.

Step 2: Stop Complaining

Very often, young people are waiting for a miracle that should happen in their lives and spend a lot of years on this “process”. They complain about their fate, their failures, reinforcing the fact that they have nothing to blame themselves for.

Remember, when you are complaining, someone is reading a life-changing book, writing a poem and even getting a first-class job. In order to become a successful student and worker, you need to manage your time and work hard to achieve the goal. Complaining truly won’t lead you to any place, and the one who is suffering from it is no one but you. Do not give it any chance! Fill your head with positive thoughts and encouraging plans for now and the future. This is the way how to make your life free from past complaints.

Step 3: Stop Saying Yes

One word can change your life. Yes, learning the word “no” can change the lives of those who cannot turn others down. Many people spend personal time in vain, because they constantly do what other people request, listen to empty talks, and, in fact, live someone else’s life. It is a nice thing to help people, advise them something what you have experience and knowledge in. However, when it turns into a routine, these people are parasites for you and just devour your time, using your kindness and dependability. So, before you say “yes” to someone, consider whether you say “no” to yourself, your tasks and desires.

Step 4: Stop Endless Procrastination

Thinking Person

A very fashionable word, we all have heard it. This can be easily illustrated by the following example: there is a ton of problems above you and you do not know how to handle them at a time. You begin to understand that all this is impossible and intolerable. Instead of working, you are just surfing the Internet or doing other senseless things.


Such a reaction is not the evidence of your laziness or lack of will. You just have so much to do and that is what brings you down. When you realize that you have spent an hour unproductively – get away from the computer. Take a little walk. Then go back and compose a strategic plan. As soon as you come out with the solution, close all tabs in the browser, and start working.

Step 5: Additional Tips

Do not jump from one assignment to another. It is better to break the task into small pieces. Put yourself in the time frame. You may have frequent breaks, but remember about the list of tasks that have to be done. To stop wasting time in vain, you also need to get rid of your negative habits that poison your life. Stop gossip and pay attention to others’ lives. Wasting your time to criticize others, you will never have peace in your mind, as well as a settled schedule. Stop overthinking much about what others think of you. Not only does it take your time, but it also lowers your mood, making you irritated and angry.

So, plan your time even while figuring out how to deal with your thoughts. Try to live every day using as much power as you can. Forget the phrase: “I will do it tomorrow!” Reward yourself for success and important achievements. What a pleasure it would be to buy a gift for something which has been well-done!

Proper planning will make your job better and more efficient, leaving time for creativity and spontaneity!