How to Create a Student Planner?


Last time we were talking about time-managing our lives and analyzed some ways how to become more organized and productive. Continuing our talk, let’s pay more attention to a very necessary thing, which you will need for your successful time management – your personal planner. Many students ask how to plan their days, why it is needed and which benefits a personal planner can bring to its owner.

After all, a diary helped many successful people to achieve their goals and make plans for their dreams. So, in this article, you will learn how to fill your daily planner, as well as which ways, methods and recommendations will be helpful while working with the diary. Learn why personal planner today has become so popular, how to use it and what you need to have it to set your goals and achieve more in your life! The diary will allow you to do all the necessary work in almost 2 times faster. For extra information click here.

Step 1: Choose the Design
Even if you have the best memory in the whole world, there will always be little things that get lost in the daily routine. Decide on the kind of the diary, that perfectly suits you. The design should be interesting and pleasant to look at, so choose something based on your tastes. This is not about the beauty of the notebook itself, but about enjoying the flow of thoughts, planning and writing.

Nowadays you can easily have your life organized in a paper or electronic form. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages, so you have to think which type is more convenient for you. Talking about a paper option, we can say that it is always available: you never need electricity for it, you can draw in it, make it a piece of your own art. Nevertheless, typing can be quicker and easier, and an electronic document can still be changed and edited in different ways.

Do not be lazy with your dairy, as it may become a great helpful tool in your daily planning. Select the one you will feel comfortable with and that satisfies your aesthetic needs.
Step 2: Get a Proper Filling
A lot of things depend on how you fill your diary. No matter whether it is a paper or electronic version, be careful with your notes and try to divide the space into several parts. Get some sections for different tasks. For example: important tasks, study, job, fitness, health, even shopping. Make sure your time is properly arranged. Write not only to-do lists there, but also fill in your journal with what you like. Of course, drawings and quotes for motivation are perfectly acceptable. Moreover, you can even add lyrics, poems, stickers with smiles.

Share with your dairy how successful your day was and whether you have done everything you have planned. It is sometimes very funny and touching to glue small pictures of the day. The diary should help you remember not only about future tasks but also about past achievements!
Step 3: Find Time and Place
Of course, there should be a time in your day when you write everything in your diary, fill it with fresh thoughts and new assignments. Pick the perfect time when you are the best in your productivity, and do not fill it when you are lazy and tired.

On the other hand, planning may be something that fills you with positive energy from inside. In that case, we advise to fill it right before you go to sleep, or when you just wake up. Taking a planner with you is always a very good idea, because you may want to write down something at any time. Even just a random thought that comes from nowhere may become something you would like to think of later. So, the diary can show what you really think throughout the day, rather than just some approaching plans.
Step 4: Inspire Yourself

Smile Sticker
Often being a student means going through difficulties, and fighting with your own self. Find a time to motivate yourself and do what you love to empower yourself. The diary is such a helpful thing for it, just to have some fun during planning!

Make a list of things which you enjoy, and plan some of them for the next week or month. Set a goal. It is not so important which spheres it will cover – study, work, home, family, or self-improvement – as long as it makes you happy and satisfied. Find out some additional information, about those who have already achieved what you want and what personal qualities helped them in this.

List all the steps needed to achieve the goal. If you select a specific time each week to work on the project, it allows you to organize other activities. The diary helps get to your dream faster and you can see all the results written in it.
Step 5: Additional Tips

Writing Hand

When writing a list of tasks, you need to understand immediately how much time it will take to concentrate on any of them. What is the purpose of making a list of 20-30 items every day if you do not have time to complete at least half of them? Also, do not plan for the very far future. Things can change, and rewriting can either mess your planner up or mess everything up in your head. Plan for today and it will be enough. Take a few sheets at the end of the diary to write the important contacts or other information which should be at hand all the time.

Be sure to highlight 1-2 cases that have a priority and to fulfill them, whatever they are. You can highlight them with crayons or in other ways you like.

For each of your days to be as efficiently as possible, write a time frame in front of each of the items list, and do not break it. Cross out what you have already done – it’s a pleasure to feel you are on the way to success!

Proper planning will make your work better and more efficient, leaving time for creativity and spontaneity!