Being Vegetarian: Useful or Useless. Essay Sample

As humanity is facing many global problems nowadays, people are looking for the reasons and possible ways out of the situation. It is known that people see their own activity as the main threat and the main cause of those problems. That is why now we have a lot of different conceptions and ideologies of the way people should behave in order to reduce their harmful influence on the environment.

Planting Vegetables

When speaking of ecology as one of the most crucial issues of the present society, certain ideas come to mind. One of them is the idea of being vegetarian. Is it the way out of the problem? How does it work and which advantages does the vegetarian way of being have?

Let us initially reconsider the grounds from which such idea of the human way of life arises. As the population of people grows, there appear certain problems. First of all, natural resources are not eternal, especially those which people use as a source of food. Secondly, the production of certain products harms the ecological system. The most common example is the increasing population of cows that are known to produce methane as a side product. Methane pollutes the atmosphere. As an example, we may observe acid rains and the increasing acidity of the water in oceans. Scientists predict that if there are no changes in this sphere, sooner or later the ocean will be unfit for any possible life in it. Consequently, it will be impossible to live on the whole planet Earth. Thirdly, the places that are used for livestock are growing bigger each year. In order to provide society with meat, many companies just use the methods of deforestation. As a result, the number and size of forests gets smaller and the number of empty fields increases. As we can see, people are moving in the direction of producing more methane than oxygen. There is no need to say what consequences it may have.

Cows in the Field

As a response to such problems, the idea of being vegetarian appeared. Adherents of such position also claim that it is unkind and cruel to kill animals at all. They believe that the fact of taking life from the living creature influences people’s character and therefore makes them more cruel and aggressive. Even meat, as they say, has such influence on people’s behavior. It is believed that people who do not eat meat are more likely to be pacifists, to be more morally responsible and kind.

What is like to be a vegetarian? There are different approaches to this subject. Certain vegetarians refuse to eat any kind of animal meat and any kind of animal products such as milk, eggs, honey and so on. There are also those who just do not eat meat but do not refuse to have fish or omelet for dinner. The second ones are vegetarians just because they feel sorry for animals. At the same time, the first part of them has more global thoughts such as helping the environment and so on.

Vegetarian Food

Vegetarians in general claim that if most of the people decide to be vegetarian, many ecological problems will fade away. People will not then need to clear space for livestock. Less cows will be used for market purposes and their harm, which is methane production, will not be the case anymore. In order to have food, people will start to grow more plants. Plants and trees as a source of oxygen will improve the whole ecological environment. They are also mentioning certain moral advantages, however, this argument lacks evidence.

Nevertheless, there are a lot of opposite views. Many people who do not see the fact of being vegetarian as a solution for global issues have their own arguments. When speaking of such products as milk and honey they claim that those products are natural and there is no harm for animals as a result of people consuming them. They refer to the history and evolution and say that if people will not use the milk of cows, those animals will suffer and die painfully.

Certain people agree that we should not kill animals, however, they mean only those who are wild. They claim that domestic animals are those that with a process of evolution changed in a  way that there is no life for them without people. Consequently, they argue that the vegetarians’ attitude is cruel, as well, because they tacitly propagate the extermination of domestic animals. Thus, they are no more pacifists than those who eat meat.

If you think about it, those arguments are rather vague and lack seriousness. The most important argument is the reference to human’s health. People who do not want to be vegetarian and even those who thought about it but changed their minds provide vegetarians with a set of investigations on human health. The results of those researches show that it is rather harmful for a person to refuse eating meat. Meat provides a human organism with a set of useful vitamins and minerals that are crucial for its proper functioning. Especially it concerns women. Scientists claim that the reproduction function will be seriously injured if a woman stops eating meat. Many vegetarians argue that this is not the case. They present certain proofs that show that a woman who was not eating meat was able to born a child without any health problems. They believe that those are not unique events but a demonstration of a rule. However, that is still the ground for many discussions.

As we can see, the question is rather complicated. There are evident advantages of being vegetarian, while we cannot reject the arguments of opposing views. It is hard to say whether it is smart to turn one opinion into an absolute necessity. As the history teaches us, we can never perceive one view as the only possible. People should have right to choose for themselves what suits them better.

Of course, nowadays global issues should be solved but it is not evident that the solution is so narrow that rejects any other possibilities. At the end, it is all the question of education. When a person is well educated, they will think more before doing anything and as a result, there will be fewer damages and more use from their activities. For example, instead of endlessly killing animals, they will invent new ways of supplying humanity with a food. Anyway, we should be grateful to be educated and that we have a possibility to choose whether to become a vegetarian or not.